Haxity Announced

Megapop Games announces Haxity, a deck-building game coming to Steam in Q2 next year as a premium release. This is shown off in the Official Reveal Trailer, and the announcement explains what will happen if you play your cards right:
Megapop is proud to finally unveil ‘Haxity’, the cyberpunk action deck-builder the company has developed in secret for almost three years. The game seeks to deliver a never-before-seen card gaming experience, while being one of the very first PVP movers in the exciting new action deck-builder genre. A genre of card games where a major part of the gameplay is to draft cards and modify your deck as you play.

In Haxity you jack into a gritty cyberpunk sprawl, where a mixed bag of derelicts are fighting to survive the daily grind. This is where you come in, the player. You must survive the city, work your way up the ranks and find the optimal strategy to crush your foes. At your disposal is a hefty amount of cool gadgets, black market technologies and hacks.

The cards can be mixed, mashed and hacked, and the outcome can turn around…really fast. It’s street fighting, the cyberpunk way. It has the combos and powerful emotions of a fighting game, mixed with the mind-games and depth of card games. In short; a digital card game where every move you make is decided with cards, and where every playthrough is different.

“With ‘Haxity’ we wanted to create a unique card game experience by taking inspiration from fighting games. There are no minion cards or spells – YOU are the one fighting, and you can even hack the cards or make your own combos. This brings a cool new dynamic to the genre, allowing us to push the boundaries of what you can do with digital cards” says Game Director Thomas Sørensen, who over the years has designed a range of MMO and strategy games.

“As avid card gamers we were getting tired of playing in stale metagames where everyone was just ‘netdecking’ and playing the ‘best decks,’ continues Sørensen. By making Haxity a rogue-lite deck builder every game you play will feel different, and you will never play against the same deck twice.“

‘Haxity’ is a premium PC game, expected to launch in early access on Steam Q2, 2020.