Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Launches

Blizzard announces the new Descent of Dragons expansion is now live in Hearthstone, adding 135 new cards to their card-based strategy game. Word is: "This action-packed card set sends players to the skies above Dragonblight for a thrilling aerial battle between the League of Explorers—Hearthstone’s plucky band of treasure-hunting heroes—and Archivillain Rafaam’s nefarious League of E.V.I.L." This press release on the news has all the details, including how to get in on some of this action for free:
Starting today, Hearthstone players who log in will receive three Descent of Dragons card packs and all five Galakrond Hero cards free, along with two neutral Shield of Galakrond minions featuring the new Invoke keyword.* Players can also rack up an epic assortment of rewards upon completing a series of six new Legendary daily quests—five additional Descent of Dragons card packs, two Rise of Shadows™ card packs, two Saviors of Uldum™ card packs, and 200 gold in total.