GTFO GTFO into Early Access

10 Chambers Collective announces GTFO is now available in Early Access on Steam, offering a horror-themed four-player co-op first-person shooter from this studio comprising former PAYDAY developers. "Explaining the Rundown" is the title of the latest trailer from the game. "When you start GTFO you are presented with the Rundown, this is the work orders you’ve been given by The Warden," explains Simon Viklund of 10 Chambers Collective. "Each work order represents an expedition down to the Complex, which will vary in type of environment, the population of monsters, what kind of objective you have and other variables. What is always constant in GTFO, is that survival hinges on the cooperation between the members of the team. Work together or die together." Here's more:
GTFO is a 4-player co-op action/horror FPS game, made for hardcore gamers looking for a challenge. The game takes place in a terrifying underground facility called “the Complex”, where your team’s survival relies on your ability to communicate, coordinate - and count your bullets. As ammunition is scarce, firing your weapons is always the last resort. The game made headlines already in 2018 when it was playable for the first time at E3, and landed awards such as “Best Cooperative Game”, “Editors’ Choice Award” as well as nominations for “Best of E3”, with journalists describing it as a mix of Left 4 Dead and Aliens. Today, it is released as Early Access on Steam.