Nostos Released

Nostos is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a cross-platform multiplayer game with VR support. The launch announcement was preceded by this post cautioning users of the game's unfinished state, and initial reviews reflect unhappiness with this despite the warning. This subsequent post outlines the first patch to address some of these launch issues. Here's the Coming Soon Trailer and here's a bit on the game:
Nostos, developed by NetEase, is a PC and VR cross-platform multiplayer survival game with an open-world where elements of Oriental animated films are incorporated. The simulation technology of real physical environment, giant and seamless world map, freely moving system and oriental animated film art style build up a “Pioneer” image for this game.

Players will play the role of an explorer in Nostos to adventure, combat, build up and save the world with their partners. A variety of terrains, miraculous ecological communities, and meteorological system, special doomsday costumes, as well as realistic combat experience will offer players extraordinary immersive gaming experiences.