Black Mesa Complete Beta

The complete beta for Black Mesa is now available for Windows and Linux on Steam, offering the first chance to play through the entire campaign in this remake of the original Half-Life (thanks RedEye9). This post has instructions on how owners can opt in to the beta along with beta patch notes. This also includes a list of known issues that explain where this currently stands:
Overall Difficulty. We suspect some parts might be too hard or too easy. We’ll be watching play throughs and taking feedback to find these issues and fix them.

Performance. We have improved performance across the game, and targeted specific areas to increase the frame rate on all machines. Even with these fixes, there are still some areas we want to improve. For now, don't be afraid to lower your settings if you are getting low frames.

Factory Breaks. We are guessing players will be able to find creative ways to break the factory maps. We don’t expect any of them to be full blockers, but we are anxious to see what players can do to these complex setups, and how we can mitigate issues.