Tank Maniacs Rolls Out

Tank Maniacs is now available on Steam, offering a Windows, Linux, and macOS armored combat game. This is played from a side-scrolling 2D perspective reminiscent of the Worms series, as shown in the Launch Trailer. Here's the pitch:
Developed by Hungarian studio Gamelab, Tank Maniacs perfects 4-player local multiplayer (and online multiplayer through Steam’s Remote Play Together feature) with 11 different tanks and characters, 8 distinct maps, and 4 insane PvP modes. But the fun doesn’t end there: Taking things to a whole new level, the game’s official Twitch extension allows the audience to influence the streamer’s game. The full version of Tank Maniacs also introduces some standout game modes: “Gameshow” (Twitch extras without the chat voting), and “Symmetric Showdown” (every player switches to the same tank periodically to ensure a fair playing field).