Tropico 6 Gets Free and Paid DLC

New content is available for Tropico 6, as publisher Kalypso Media and developer Limbic Entertainment now offer The Llama of Wall Street premium DLC pack on Steam as well as a free Seguridad Social update for the dictator simulation. The free release includes a new building, a new sandbox map, and more, while the paid DLC offers the chance to get in touch with your inner Llama DiCaprio to become a stock marker mogul. Here's a new DLC trailer, and here are more details:
About Tropico 6 – The Llama of Wall Street DLC
The Llama of Wall Street DLC features a wide variety of new features and mechanics. The price of goods will now succumb to fluctuations and trends in the global market, and players will be able to make use of new buildings, such as the Trade Institute, to play the markets and even manipulate export prices. It also adds new missions, events, additional customisation options and edicts.

Join forces with your very own stockbroker and satisfy your inner white-collar mogul, taking over the US economy and helping establish Tropico as a global mega-brand. Play the markets and sabotage Wall Street as you unravel the sinister secrets of The Broker and work to become the ultimate corporate llama among wolves.


  • Enter the world of big business with the new standalone mission: The Llama of Wall Street
  • Use new buildings such as the Trade Institute, Toy Workshop and Smart Furniture Studio to further your economic power
  • Expanded gameplay mechanics means goods are now subject to price fluctuations, trade impacts and trends. Infiltrate global markets to forecast future trends and play the markets as you see fit
  • Random events pose extra challenges and will impact global market situations, trade and production. Keep an eye out and act accordingly
  • Sharpen your skills in a brand-new sandbox map
  • Make Tropico yours with more edicts, traits and customisation options for El Prez and his palace.

About Tropico 6 update seven: Seguridad Social
Free to all players and available today, the Seguridad Social update adds the new Warehouse building, sandbox map Rio, and community requested Social Security edict, which helps prevent in-game student and retiree NPCs from going broke.


  • New building ‘Warehouse’. Store goods and cash out for a quick buck later on!
  • Additional sandbox map ‘Rio’
  • Community-requested ‘Social Security’ edict, enabling students and retirees to receive money from the government and avoid going broke.
  • In-game introduction of the #WorshipElPrez social media contest winners