Battlefield V Community Matches (Private Matches) Launch Next Week

This post announces the planned Private Game feature will come to Battlefield V on December 9th, saying these will now be known as Community Games. This post has more details, including an explanation that the changed name better reflects their goals for the feature.
Community Games are specifically designed for players who want to create a more personal experience in Battlefield V. Whether you are a content creator that wants their own space to create great stories, or you simply want to create a playlist of your favourite maps for you and your friends, this feature has something for everyone.

Make use of the custom filter system within the Server Browser to search through all of the Community Games that have been created by other players, allowing you to find the experience you’re looking for.

Personalize your Community Game with your own playlists that allow you to pick the number of rounds in your rotation and mix up the game modes (if they share the same Player Count). Choose from the list of available maps, and store all of your choices in your own set of preset configs that you’re able to save for future use.

Protect your experience with a password, or make use of the server kick functionality so that you can more closely control the experience that’s shared by your own close-knit Battlefield V community.