Battlefield V Wake Island Next Week

Next week will also see the launch of the Wake Island map remake in Battlefield V. A new Wake Island Overview Trailer shows off this free update coming to the military shooter on December 12th. The clip eschews the horrors of war with some Pulp Fiction-style action and discusses the history of the map, which debuted for Battlefield 1942 a mere 17 years ago. A post on the Battlefield Blog has more details, including this overview of gameplay:
Wake Island caters to air/sea/land warfare, as well as different tempos based on which game mode you’re playing. Breakthrough provides fast-paced action, while Conquest Assault lets you experience the classic, more slow-placed version of Battlefield.

Due to the scale of the map, players can find more or less action based on where on the island they are. All flags have been designed for close-quarters combat, while the spaces between the flags have been designed for slower-paced gameplay. There are locations on the maps which are suited for the Recon class as well but have been balanced with a high risk, high reward design in mind.