Free Copies of Touring Karts for Demo Win Streaks

There's a playable demo for Touring Karts on Steam, where this Windows game is currently racing its way through Early Access. Now Ivanovich Games is offering the chance to unlock up to two copies of the game to those able to string together winning streaks in the demo. Word is you can earn your free copy by winning three races in a row, and if you can manage five consecutive wins you will also get a copy to gift to a friend:
Touring Karts is all about competition and Ivanovich Games want the best players competing in our multiplayer when the PlayStation 4 / PSVR version of the game launches in one week from now. So from now until the 22nd of December, everybody who comes to compete online in the Touring Karts Steam Demo will unlock the full Touring Karts game by winning 3 races in a row, and also get an extra Steam code for a friend if they win 5 races in a row. So now it's time to test your racing skills show off what you are made of! You can check the News on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Along with this new competition, we come up with the new coolest helmets collection to date! Available now on the Steam and Oculus version, also will be ready to play with on the PS4 / PSVR from day one.