Cyborg Mechanic Announced

Publisher Games Operators and developer Tomula Games announce Cyborg Mechanic, a simulation where you play a surgeon/mechanic who augments clients in a "shady and absurd cyberpunk underworld." The game's Steam Listing is now online, showing this is expected for release in 2021, and a gruesome trailer offers a first look at gameplay. Here's word:
Become a cyborg surgeon mechanic in a shady and absurd cyberpunk underworld. Repair burnt-out circuits, modify limbs, perform complex surgeries, and craft better equipment for your clientele. Remember that augmenting an organic body with mechanical parts is risky and can result in augmentation rejection or even death. To top it all off, most of your clients are disreputable individuals with an extensive criminal record. This fact makes your business suspicious to the authorities, who won’t stop bothering you and asking you questions. Make your one-person operation thrive and increase its popularity to keep a steady flow of customers and cash. But beware of the police putting you on their radar. The more recognizable you are, the more they’ll breathe down your neck. Stay vigilant and don't let them lock you up. Decide whether to turn your clients over to the police or keep your mouth shut. You have to keep your dodgy business up and running somehow, right?