Roadwarden Announced

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Moral Anxiety Studio announce Roadwarden, an RPG coming next year to Windows, Linux, and macOS via Steam. This is an unusual mash-up, as they call this "an illustrated text-based RPG," that combines a text-based RPG with a visual novel, which seems oxymoronic. The Announcement Trailer doesn't help clear this up much, unless its display of pixel-art text shows how the game will be presented. Here's word:
Some of Roadwarden's key features include:

  • Explore & Change the World: Discover the secrets and face the challenges of a hostile fantasy world — inevitably unveiling its uniquely sinister history
  • Grow With the Challenge: Create your own background story, personal abilities, beliefs, and personality to shape your very own future as a Roadwarden
  • Classical RPG Attitude: Prepare yourself for an epic journey, either as a warrior, mage or scholar, and define your character‘s traits; like friendly, playful or intimidating, during interactions with various NPCs
  • Mysteries Unfold: Use your savvy and wiles when investigating and drawing your conclusions to understand the true nature of this world. Immerse yourself in detailed dialogues and sidequests with dozens of NPCs to gain their trust and support.