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Out of the Blue

I've previously mentioned that the climate in my downstairs office seems to be surprisingly stable, and it was not dipping very far below 60℉ without the heat on regardless of the outside temperature. That's the good news, but the bad news is that this is still pretty chilly. I toughed it out for a while, but I'm built for warmth, so I finally had to give in and do something about it. There are still boxes we're dealing with from our move piled up down here, so it took a little work to clear the area around the baseboard heaters, but now I have actual heat running. This is electric, which may blow up our utility bill, so that will have to be monitored. There is a decommissioned hole in the wall down here for a flue for a pellet stove, and the long-term solution may be to install another of those. In the meantime I'll just be happy that its so much less chilly down here.

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