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Out of the Blue

Good news about your favorite teams can be hard to come by lately if, like me, you are a fan of the New York Mets and the New York Giants. But today is an exception. For the Giants, the silver lining in the high ankle sprain suffered by quarterback Daniel Jones that means it's "very likely" that Eli Manning will start on Monday against the Eagles. This will give fans a chance to say farewell to Jones' beloved predecessor, who was MVP in a pair of Super Bowl victories. There may be a little b.s. going on to exaggerate the severity of the injury to make this happen, but either way, it's welcome. It is highly unlikely Eli will be with the team next year, and I hope they will mark his departure by retiring the number 10. This was previously worn by a couple of other Giants luminaries: hall-of-famer Fran Tarkenton and the under-appreciated Brad Van Pelt, who played back when linebackers were still allowed to wear such a number. The news for the Mets is probably even more significant, as rumors swirl that billionaire Steve Cohen is looking to increase his stake in the hapless baseball club to a majority share. The team has suffered terribly since the finances of its owners were derailed by the Bernie Madoff scandal, and it would nice if they were owned by someone who could actually afford to the kind of high-finance that running a major franchise in the world's largest media market demands.

Obituary: Edge editor Jason Brookes.

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