Out of the Blue

Well this past weekend's snowstorm was not nearly as dramatic as predicted, but we did end up with an actual coating of snow out there when it was done. This allowed us to experience one of the benefits of condo living, where someone else is responsible for keeping the great outdoors in check. We already got tastes of this during the summer when we didn't have to worry about lawn care and earlier this fall when leaf removal was somebody else's problem. But dealing with this pre-winter snow was the real payoff. At some point after the snowfall ended the plows showed up and cleared the middle of the parking area. They then sounded their horns signaling it was time to move our cars. Once these were temporarily relocated, they plowed out the rest of the lot, and the whole thing was taken care of in about 20 minutes. This was pretty fantastic, as it will hopefully prevent me from becoming a shoveling-related death statistic, not to mention the timing of taking place right after I recently tweaked my back.

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