Play Overwatch for Free

Overwatch can currently be played for free on, kicking off a free week in the multiplayer shooter that will conclude on December 4th. For some reason this goes unmentioned on the Overwatch Website or the Blizzard Website, but we logged in with a smurf account and confirmed this to be the case. Here's word from a Blizzard email:
Assemble your friends and get ready to clash on the battlefields of tomorrow—for a limited time, you can play Overwatch free! Choose from 31 unique heroes, each with their own awe-inspiring abilities. Battle across a wide assortment of maps with varied objectives set around the world and lead your team to victory.

The free trial is live now and ends on December 4 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Call the shots when you play the ultimate team-based shooter.