Star Citizen Free-Fly Event Underway

The latest Free-Fly even is now underway for Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium's long-in-development space game. The Roberts Space Industries Website has the details, revealing that this time around each day will feature vehicles from a different ship manufacturer for your sampling pleasure. Here's word:
To celebrate this year’s premier aerospace event, and commemorate our anniversary, we’re launching a Free-Fly event. From November 24th through December 5th, you have the chance to try some of Star Citizen’s most iconic vehicles for free.

Here’s how it works:

During the promotion, anyone can join Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe. It’s free to experience the game first-hand, but to get out there and start exploring, you’ll need a ship.

Starting on November 24th, every day at 2pm UTC, a different ship manufacturer will make its fleet available for 24 hours. The Free-Fly will end with a celebration of the ships that made it to the final four of the recent Ship Showdown tournament. There may also be some surprises in store for those of you who make the trek out to ArcCorp’s Area18, so stay tuned.

Check out the schedule below to plan your test flights. Have fun and fly safe!