Get Bad North for Free

Bad North is now available for free on the Epic Games Store, as this Windows action/strategy game is their latest giveaway. You have a week to add this to your library to have it for keeps before their next freebie comes with the release of Rayman Legends. Here's some direction on Bad North:
Bad North is a beautifully-crafted, minimalistic, real-time tactics roguelite game where you lead a rag-tag group of island folk as they flee the relentless viking hordes. Progress through a series of procedurally-generated islands, fending off nordic raiders and gather what resources you can, before moving on to the next fight. Protect the nobles and commoners you meet along the way and recruit them to your cause - you'll need their numbers in the conflict to come.

And keep fighting. Not for power or riches or glory, but for the hope that one day you can live a peaceful life again.