Offworld Trading Company: The Europa Wager Released

Publisher Stardock and developer Mohawk Games now offer The Europa Wager, the second expansion for Offworld Trading Company, the out of this world economic strategy game. You can see this in action in this trailer and pick up your copy from Stardock or Steam. Here what this involves, besides, of course, ignoring the warning from 2010: Odyssey Two:
The expansion takes players to the frozen moon of Europa, where numerous cracks on the surface make building and sustaining new structures a challenge.

Offworld Trading Company is a real-time strategy game in which money, not military force, is the weapon. Stake claims to resources, extract and develop them into goods and upgrades, all while buying and selling in the real-time, player driven marketplace.

The Europa Wager is available to play in skirmish, multiplayer, or in a new series of challenging scenarios that provide a host of new challenges to overcome. Like the rest of the Offworld series, the expansion brings real-world elements into its gameplay as you attempt to establish a new business amid the frozen elements. For example, although water will not be hard to find on the frozen moon, aluminum is non-existent.