Football Manager 2020 and FM2020 Demo Released

SEGA and Sports Interactive have released Football Manager 2020 for Windows and macOS, offering the latest installment in their association football/soccer series. This comes alongside Football Manager 2020 Touch for Windows and mobile and Football Manager 2020 Mobile for Android and iOS. The Football Manager Website has the recently released interactive trailer for the game, details on the releases, and links to purchase. You can also pick up the PC editions of Football Manager 2020 on Steam, where there's also a playable demo (thanks Frans), which is for Windows only. FM2020 is also a launch title for Google Stadia. The Windows edition of Football Manager 2020 Touch is also available on Steam. Here are the details:
Today also marks the first time that Football Manager has been included as a launch title on a new platform as it takes its place in the day one line-up for Google's Stadia.

The full release of FM20 includes a host of improvements from the pre-release Beta, including an updated match engine, updated player and club information as well as lots of optimisations and fixes thanks to the feedback that we received during the Beta testing phase. Furthermore, access to the Steam Workshop and both the pre-game and in-game editors is now available. Fans who have already started their managerial career on the pre-release Beta can carry their save over to the full game.

With new features concentrating on player development (through the Playing Time Pathway and Development Centre) and each club's unique identity (via Club Vision), FM20 looks set to be the most engrossing entry in the long-running series' history.

The game has been well-received by fans and critics alike with a current Metacritic score of 86. Reviewers have called FM20 "A sizeable improvement on last year's already excellent game" (Metro), "Another superb entry that feels tailor-made for the series' most dedicated players" (PC Gamer) and "the best version of the game yet" (PCGamesN).

This positivity has been echoed in user feedback to the FM20 pre-release Beta, which has been the best received to date. Many within the FM community have praised the game's new features, both big and small, while Steam reviews are showing as 'Very Positive'.