Warhammer: Chaos And Conquest Launches

Warhammer: Chaos And Conquest is now available for on Steam Windows and macOS, offering a strategic MMORPG set in the Warhammer fantasy universe. Word is: "Carve your own legend in the Warhammer Fantasy Old World. The legions of the Empire of Man stand in your way – march your warband right through them & cement your legacy as the Everchosen of Chaos that brought down the Empire of Man!" This was launched a while back for mobiles, which is why this cinematic Global Launch Trailer is almost six months old. Here's a bit from the launch announcement:
Spread Chaos across the Old World! Command a horde as you build a fortress capable of conquering the Empire of Man – and any other Chaos warbands that stand in your way. With enough power, you will prove your worth to the Chaos Gods by conquering Altdorf and becoming the Everchosen!

Set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest is real-time massively multiplayer strategy game where players compete for the resources of the Old World and battle for control of the Old World.