Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale Details?

A post on Reddit has the results of some datamining in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that apparently reveals details about the game's battle royale mode, which is expected next year. This includes a lot of information, which remains unconfirmed at this time. Here's a portion of a handy summary posted on Eurogamer:
The leak reveals a full list of zones and points of interest, perks and killstreaks. The default options set the player count at 200, with modes for solo, duos and squads of four.

As players have already pointed out, Modern Warfare's battle royale map includes the huge Ground War and Spec Ops maps inside it. It's massive, then, but so it should be if we're looking at a 200-player experience.

There's an interesting-sounding respawn mechanic. Respawn Tokens can be looted (after you use one they're disabled for you). To respawn a teammate you have to burn your Respawn Token and drag their body to the Ambulance. This enters them into the Gulag queue (at some point in the match the Gulag closes, thus preventing respawns).

The Gulag sounds cool - this prison camp gives players the chance to get back into the match by winning a 1v1 fight. Players in the Gulag queue spectate the players currently fighting in the Gulag, with a countdown showing how long you have left before it's your turn to fight.