GearStorm Early Access Next Week

Iron City Games announces GearStorm will arrive in Early Access for Windows on Steam on November 20th, offering the first chance to play this crowdfunded sci-fi survival game. Here's a new trailer with a look at gameplay, and here's a rundown on what to expect, illustrated by screenshots:
Escaping from Earth after it was consumed by a man-made plague known as the Phage, you’re an elite soldier who’s literally dropped on a hostile alien world – only to face an entirely new set of challenges!

Featuring a massive, fully destructible, procedurally-generated game world with day and night cycles, dynamic weather, and Unreal 4-powered visuals, GearStorm gives you the tools to build and fortify FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) against enemy incursions, mine the soil for valuable resources, and leverage advanced weapon systems (including vehicles) to neutralize everyone and everything that stands in the way of progress.


  • Experience intense military sci-fi gameplay in first- or third-person POV.
  • Play your way: single/multiplayer campaign, multiple factions and alliances, and ancient mysteries to uncover.
  • Terraform the environment as you see fit.
  • Leave your mark in an entirely destructible open world.
  • Survive using exploration, resource management, and a powerful crafting ecosystem.
  • Build an elaborate base and even manage your own colony!
  • Explore an alien planet and build up your character by completing quests.