An update on Steam announces a new version 5.2 update for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is now live on the test server for the battle royale game. This introduces PUBG Labs, which they describe as "a space where we introduce to you experimental in-game features and collect your feedback to perfect them as permanent game additions." They describe the first experimental content this will feature as a skill-based rating system that they expect to go live later this month:
The upcoming experimental content of PUBG Labs

  • Skill Based Rating (PC - Live server: Nov 26 - Jan 1 KST / Console - Live server: Nov 26 - Jan 6 KST)
    • Skill Based Rating is an experimental feature being tested through PUBG Labs, tracking your skill and assigning you a rating based on your match performances.
    • This Skill Based Rating is separate from the current Survival Title System.
    • Ratings will be applied for each mode based on players’ skill level. To see your rating, you must first play 5 matches.
      • After you finish 5 rating-evaluation matches, your rating going forward will be adjusted based on factors such as kills and overall placement in matches.
    • You can leave feedback about the changes to your rating after the end of each match, so we can gauge how the system feels.
    • For one week after the Skill Based Rating test ends, all players who participated can share their feedback via an in-game survey.
      • Feedback period
        • PC: 1/2 - 1/9 KSTConsole: 1/7 - 1/14 KST

You can check Skill Based Rating feature on the Test Server now, before it comes to live servers next week.