Epic Sues Another Tester Over Fortnite Leaks

Globalnews.ca has details on a lawsuit Epic Games has filed against another beta tester for leaking "highly confidential information" about Fortnite in a story similar to a report from last month (thanks Gamasutra). The suit is against Montreal-based game tester Lucas Johnston. Word is: "The company alleges Johnston violated a non-disclosure agreement and is seeking yet-unspecified damages exceeding $85,000." Here are further details:
The court document claims Johnston took a screenshot of a new playing environment on Aug. 30 while he was working for Keywords Studios in Montreal, which provides user experience testing to game-makers.

Two weeks later, the image ended up on a Fortnite Competitions’ official user forum, more than a month before its scheduled Oct. 15 release.

The company claims the leak “deprived the claimant of the element of surprise,” tipped off its competitors to its strategy and affected its reputation among its peers.

“As the creative projects created by the claimant require a long period of time between the start of their conception and their commercialization, confidentiality is thus, throughout the process, essential in order to offer its users innovative projects at the forefront of the video game technology industry,” the company wrote in the filing.

According to the allegations, which have not been tested in court, an internal investigation by Keywords Studios traced the origins of the leak back to Johnston, who was allegedly seen taking the screenshot on security camera footage.