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  • Ninja Thinks Fortnite Streamers Caught Cheating Deserve Special Treatment.
    Words fail me.
  • GamesIndustry.biz - Has Blizzard solved the sequel dilemma?
    "Blizzard's solution with Overwatch 2 is elegant and clever, combining the best aspects of many of those approaches -- and avoiding a lot of their pitfalls. It intends to maintain a level playing field between the existing Overwatch and its sequel, with the core PvP game being playable between the two titles, and all the PvP updates to Overwatch 2 being rolled back into the original game free of charge. The sequel, then, will focus on expanding the Overwatch franchise to include elements it has only dabbled with so far -- PvE modes and a story-driven game.

    This approach is hugely generous to players of the existing game, which of course makes sense given that the last thing Blizzard wants to do is drive away players who continue to pay for microtransactions. But it also manages to step far enough away from the original title to justify its positioning as a full-priced sequel rather than a mere expansion."