Gangsters 1920 Released

Gangsters 1920 is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a strategy game set during the prohibition era. This is already available for Android and iOS, but includes some PC optimizations. Here's word on this quest to avoid remaining clueless:
Explore the gloomy roads of the surreal 1920s underworld and find the relevant hints. Together with detective Lake, you will be able to hunt down the gangsters responsible for the national bank robbery. Better be safe than sorry – find out who your friends are before encountering your foes. The right people will do you a favor and give you the two clues, the wrong people will kill you.

Find the secret passwords and combine them properly to solve the tricky case.


  • Arcade-Adventure in retro-look
  • 3D-iso-view
  • Graphics in real time including shadows
  • Controlling by mouse and keyboard (retro!)
  • High replay value thanks to a randomly generated optical scene map after each new game start

Inspired by a great adventure game from the 1980s...