Out of the Blue

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Stretched Links: Thanks Ant.
Stories: Chris Evans and others upset about James Dean CGI casting.
How food companies use packaging to fool you into thinking an item is healthful. Thanks RedEye9.
Facing shorter holiday season, U.S. retailers rev up faster delivery, early deals.
Science: Mammals' complex spines are linked to high metabolisms; we're learning how they evolved.
So, You Cleaned Your Apartment. Get Ready For A Fungi Boom.
Mercury transit is coming Monday and it won't happen again until 2032.
NASA opens Moon rock samples sealed for more than 40 years.
Media: Soul - Official Teaser Trailer.
HBO Unveils Its Official 2020 Promo Trailer.
Mugging a Goose.
Follow-up: CRISPR To Fight Cancer Looks 'Promising' In 1st Safety Test.