Out of the Blue

Welcome to the responsive redesign of Blue's News, which brings proper mobile support to the site. This was inspired by a proposal by Kxmode and I cannot thank him enough for him volunteering his expertise and hard work to make this a reality. Likewise, once again I cannot express enough gratitude to Frans, as a lot of the labor for this ended up falling on him, and he did his usual amazing job of pulling the whole project together. Finally, here's a thank you to Ant, JDreyer, and j.c.f. for helping us out by beta testing. Frans made this forum post to explain some of the work that remains before this project is 100% complete and to serve as a repository for feedback and bug reports, so feel free to post there as you see fit.

Mobile Links: Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.
Play: Autummry.
Links: Blizzard Adds President Xi To 'Overwatch' Roster.
Stories: A man rescued a caged dog that was floating in a freezing lake. Now he wants to adopt her. YOU'RE crying!
A drone helped archaeologists discover a lost Florida island settlement.
Baristas serve coffee naked in New York to advertise new natural creamer.
Science: More than 11,000 scientists issue fresh warning: Earth faces a climate emergency.
Interstellar space even weirder than expected, Voyager 2 reveals. "Strange Adventures in Infinite Space." Thanks David.
Ancient 70-Mile-Long Wall Found in Western Iran. But Who Built It?
Images: Bob Ross couple's costume and other Halloween night surprises in my neighborhood.
Media: Galaxy Quest Documentary - Never Surrender Trailer #2.
When Dad surprises Mum with a Gingerbread room.
I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy. Annual exercise in sadism.
Lunar Module Costume: Lunar Lander and Astronaut.
Follow-up: Emmerich Regrets "Independence Day" Sequel. As do we all.