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Out of the Blue

Beta testing of our new responsive redesign has gone well, so here's a thank you Frans and Kxmode, who have put in a lot of work to make it happen. Also, thank you to the handful of testers who have helped us finalize things. We are on the verge of rolling out the changes, which will probably go live tomorrow or the next day. This will cause some downtime: We're not sure how long, but it probably won't be more than 15-30 minutes. If you encounter an error because the site is unavailable, this is likely the cause. Here are some more things to know about what will change. While the site will follow the same general design for desktop users, this will now scale properly for smaller screens, and will switch to a "hamburger" style menu once it gets down to mobile size (with normal-sized headlines, no less!). This will, however, be a partial rollout, and some pages will not follow the full responsive redesign at first, most noticeably the forums. We don't yet have a time frame for when an update for these will come. Also, this comes along with some new ad units to help keep the lights on. Please feel free to offer feedback on how these affect the experience here, but also be aware that we are working on being able to accommodate the frequent requests for a way to suppress these without being haunted by your conscience (more to come). One final note, the changes include a fix for the problem that would occasionally cause the site to render white. But those of you who are using the "retro black" color scheme will have to delete their "style" cookie for the site to make this work properly. That's enough for now. We're pretty excited about the changes and are looking forward to your impressions.

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