EA Plans Outlined

DSOGaming sums up the details from EA's conference call following the earnings reports mentioned above, saying new titles are in the works at Bioware, DICE, Maxis, and Criterion. Also, PCGamesN notes Electronic Arts has also revealed they are planning a new Star Wars game to follow the imminent release of Jedi: Fallen Order. That first report includes some tentative release windows, saying a new Battlefield game is not due until after April 2021 and that Dragon Age 4 will likely come after March 2020:
EA stated that Motive is working on a brand new IP. Furthermore, Bioware, DICE, Maxis and Criterion are working on new projects. EA Sports is also working on new titles (these are most likely its annual sport games). EA also has some new indie and third-party developer games that it will reveal at a later date.

The publisher has also confirmed that the next-gen Battlefield game will launch after April 2021. This means that there won’t be a next-gen BF game during the launch of the next-gen consoles. Moreover, Dragon Age 4 may probably come out after March 2022.

Electronic Arts also stated that it will deliver some exciting remasters of fan favourites. Although the publisher did not reveal any additional details, it did state that one of them is Command & Conquer.