Remnant: From the Ashes Celebrates 1M Sales with New Content

Perfect World Entertainment and Gunfire Games announce Remnant: From the Ashes has now sold more than one million copies, prompting them to call their third-person shooter this summer's breakout hit. They plan to celebrate the milestone with the release of additional free content tomorrow with new in-game rewards, and a hardcore mode they say players have clamored for. They have details on this plan in this post on Steam, which has a roadmap for further content releases which will stretch into next year, including one coming in late 2020 they intriguingly label as "top secret." A new trailer shows off this hardcore mode, and the announcement has more details:
Hardcore Mode is a new game mode where death is truly the end. Players create a new Hardcore character and play until their first death, after which they are permanently lost. To maintain a level playing field, Hardcore characters can only play online with other Hardcore characters and will not be able to random matchmake. Players will have to manually invite friends or other stalwart Survivors to a game. The most dangerous challenges will also receive great rewards, as defeating a World Boss on Hardcore mode will drop new rings with powerful effects. These items will be available to all of the characters on a player’s account (old and new, Standard and Hardcore) after they’ve obtained them. This means all future characters, including those in Hardcore mode, will begin their journey with greater potential.

Remnant: From the Ashes’ latest quality of life improvements will implement some of the most frequently requested systems. Examples include a communications wheel with access to emotes-- many of which are unlocked through normal gameplay-- environment pings and markers, the ability to hide helmets, a toggle to disable tutorial prompts and more balance changes. Check out the official Remnant: From the Ashes blog on Thursday for the full Patch Notes with the latest details.