Overwatch 2 Announcement at BlizzCon?

A report on ESPN purports details on Overwatch 2, saying a sequel to Blizzard's competitive first-person shooter will be unveiled at BlizzCon 2019, the game convention which gets underway on Friday. This jibes with a report on Kotaku from last spring saying a new Overwatch game would add PvE elements to the multiplayer mix. Drawn from "a BlizzCon source" and a training document, the story, which is not confirmed by Blizzard, includes an Overwatch 2 logo which unsurprisingly, is basically an Overwatch logo with the addition of the numeral 2. Other unconfirmed details include a new hero and a new map:
Hero talents and in-game items are coming to Overwatch 2 PvE, and one of the missions will be a four-player story experience set in Rio de Janeiro, as opposed to the 6v6 gameplay in the original Overwatch, according to the document. Blizzard did not respond to a request for comment.

While much of the focus will be on story and narrative elements, Overwatch will see its first new mode since the game was released in beta in 2015, with "Push" set to be unveiled alongside Assault, Control, Escort, Hybrid. Push will be set on a new map based in "Toronto," according to the document.