Veritas Beta Released; Full Game in February

Daringly named developer Glitch Games announces Veritas will launch on February 12, 2020, offering a first-person psychological mystery game for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Those interested in checking this out need not wait that long, however, as they are granting access to the beta to all who request it on their Discord. They also have a brand-new Launch Date Announcement Trailer as they explain how their Glitch Camera helps the player keep track of the clues they encounter along the way:
Having volunteered for a study conducted by the mysterious Veritas Industries, you find yourself waking up in a small cell with no memory of what happened the day before. It's up to you to break out, explore the sinister facility and solve the path to your freedom - and hope to make sense of it all along the way.

The trailer showcases not only the dark story behind the variety of puzzles filling the halls of Veritas, but also the innovative Glitch Camera - a device that harks back to classic mystery titles where pen-and-paper note taking was needed. Instead, players can take a photo at any time and scrawl their puzzle-solving thoughts straight onto them.