Out of the Blue

I've been having a great time playing fantasy football this season, which may be a by-product of being in first place, as winning is always more fun than losing. My previous experience with the hobby was a long time ago, with ad hoc hand scoring that barely qualified as true fantasy football. The main reason I didn't pursue playing it more after that was discomfort with moments that caused me to either root against my Giants, or put me in the odd position of hoping the Giants win while giving up scoring to a player on my fantasy squad. I now face my first real test of that for this season, as the Cardinals play the Giants today, and my starting QB and kicker both play for Arizona. I think I'm okay with this, but the conflict-of-interest may turn out to be upsetting in action, so I'll just have to see how I hold up emotionally through the experience.

Obituary: Former Eidos president and frequent game startup adviser Keith Boesky passes away.

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