GRANDIA HD Remaster and GRANDIA II HD Remaster Released

GRANDIA HD Remaster is now available on Steam, and GRANDIA II HD Remaster is now out on Steam as well, offering Windows editions of these JRPGS with updated graphics for both gameplay and cinematics. Here's a quick refresher on both games:
GRANDIA tells the story of Justin, the protagonist, and his companions in a race against the evil Garlyle Forces to uncover the long-lost secrets of an ancient civilization. Experience the game that became an instant classic and is considered to be one of the most influential RPGs of all time.

Pick up your Geoblade and take up the fight against evil once more in GRANDIA II HD Remaster!

Take on the role of a hardened mercenary with a heart and go on an epic adventure filled with magic, new friendships, and surprising storyline twists in search of a weapon once weilded by a diety. Experience the classic tale of a band of adventurers destined to save the world, but things are not always as they seem...