Fortnite Chapter 2 Launches

After a couple of leaks revealed the plan in advance, Fortnite Chapter 2 launched in the wee hours this morning, bringing an all-new island to the battle royale game. The Fortnite Website shows off what's new with a Launch Trailer and shots of the new island's 13 new locations; water-based gameplay including swimming, fishing, boats, and more; new support options, upgraded combat; and the new battle pass, promising "more fun, less grind" for a price (here's a Season 1 - Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer). Besides a What's New Page that summarizes the changes in 10 words there are also separate articles with details on The Featured Hub, a new Save the Word Roadmap, and a Creative Developer Update that goes into detail on some of the changes. The popularity of Fortnite makes this newsworthy for The New York Times, where they attempt to explain things for the "uninitiated" about this "battle royal" which is pretty funny.