Out of the Blue

Do you like turn-based strategy games? Well then happy National Chess Day! There is also an International Chess Day, which is July 20th, but this is the U.S.-centric version, which is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of October. This has been the case for 43 years now, since this was first declared by President Gerald R. Ford of all people. I'll start things off. e4!

Chess Links: Thanks Ant.
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Stories: Missing dog found more than a dozen years later 1,000 miles from home under shed in Pittsburgh. Thanks Neutronbeam.
World's heaviest avocado sets record, makes a boatload of guac. Thanks Neutronbeam.
Science: Scientist Gilbert Levin still believes we have proof of life on Mars.
Media: This is why my roommates have to lock the door when they take a shower.
Dog looks at its owners then looks away. Thanks SeaMonkey.
Guy Shows Amazing Contact Juggling Skills.