Unity of Command II Closed Beta This Month

2x2 Games and Croteam announce that closed beta testing of Unity of Command II will begin on October 21st, offering the first chance to play this wargame sequel before its release in November. Those interested in taking part can sign up on this page, and if you're on the fence, you can do more research on the Unity of Command Website, where they offer this developer diary on the test. Here's a bit on the game:
Built on a brand new bespoke 3D engine, the game retains Unity of Command’s signature art style and delivers highly polished fluid gameplay. Easily accessible yet hard to master, Unity of Command II is the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic that’s been turning novice players into battle-hardened grognards since 2011.

Unity of Command II lets you take command of Western Allies for the first time in the series. You will manage your army’s divisions as well as their supply and logistics. For the first time in Unity of Command, you will face Fog of War. Reveal the unknown by capturing enemy soldiers and launching recon to gather intel on enemy troop positions. The enemy will seek to capture your units’ stragglers — regroup and strike back!