Hell Let Loose Free Weekend

A new update 3 is now available for Hell Let Loose, the World War II first-person shooter for Windows that's currently working through Early Access on Steam. The patch adds a new offensive game mode as well as a new Omaha Beach map as shown off in this new trailer. Team17 is celebrating the occasion by offering a free weekend that will run for the next three days and a sale that will continue for a week. Here's the news:
We're excited to bring you Update 3! It’s been absolutely huge for us - especially the mixture of different major features (who knew landing boats could be so logistically complicated?) alongside a highly iconic map and a large number of bug fixes.

We see our time in Early Access as a key period in which we can iterate, expand, optimise and polish content. We’re working hard and fast to bring a balance of new content, while fixing any and all issues that you - the community - raise.

Free weekend

To celebrate the launch of Omaha Beach and the Offensive Gamemode we’ll be running our first ever free weekend!

We’re very thankful for a warm and receptive community. We ask that this weekend you help us to welcome brand new players to the battlefield and give them the best experience possible. As you can imagine, it’s going to get very, very crazy.