Stalin vs. Martians 4 Demo

Though it goes oddly unmentioned on the Stalin vs. Martians 4 Website, KREMLINCORP Entertainment announces they are offering a free public demo for Stalin vs. Martians 4, their upcoming bizarre action game sequel. This is the same demo they released privately last month, but they now invite everyone to download it from their website (direct link). Their brief explanation of this is: "The demo, obviously, shows work-in-progress stuff. It has 2 missions and some gameplay." The accompanying description of the game is almost as short, and even cheekier:
Stalin vs. Martians 4 is a massively soloplayer action game which tells a story of the conflict between Stalin and the Martians. It has a narrative-based story with a plot and rich dialogues of humorous nature, which beautifully highlight the story's narrative-based narrative and plot.

We're 100% sure that Stalin vs. Martians 4 most probably will be released next year.

We also remind you that the game also has features and it's very important.