Activision Blizzard Faces Hong Kong Backlash

Blizzard's ban of a Hearthstone champion for voicing support for Hong Kong protesters continues to generate backlash. Yesterday's report mentioned the hashtag #boycottblizzard was trending, and BBC News notes that some are following through on this, including Mark Kern, who tweets that he's cancelled his subscription to World of Warcraft, a game he helped create. They also report this may be affecting sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, citing a journalist's cancelled preorder, but add that such boycotts rarely gain enough traction to impact a company's bottom line. There's also a report on Boing Boing noting a Reddit scheme to punish Blizzard by flooding them with GDPR personal information requests, calling these "punishing" and "expensive." Finally, Eurogamer says that Mei from Overwatch is becoming a meme to support the Hong Kong protests. To quote her from the game, "Our world is worth fighting for."