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Out of the Blue

"Welcome to Blue's News." That was the greeting posted here on this date in 1996, marking the move to our own domain. At 23 years old, this means the site qualifies (just barely) as a millennial! We certainly look our age. Appearing to be 23 is a compliment for most people, but the internet operates on something akin to dog years, a formula which would make the site 161. We're actually not that concerned with a few crow's feet, but it's important to be physically fit as you age, and it's fair to say the site isn't as limber as some that are younger. This strained analogy leads to this post on our forums by Frans, who invites discussion of this video which shows off a proof-of-concept for a responsive design for the site to make it far more usable on mobile devices. This was proposed by our own Kxmode, who volunteered to work towards making this a reality, despite (and thanks to) the fact that he does such work professionally. He and Frans have been toiling away on this for a while now, so there's more to it than just a video, though there's still more to be done before this is rolled out. We're very excited about this, and hope to bring it to you soon. But how long such projects take seems to work on an inverse of that dog years comment, so I won't try to put a date on it. As Frans notes, a discussion of this is welcome, so feel free to comment on this story here, but it will probably be more helpful to add any feedback about specifics of the plan to Frans' post. We may be asking a couple of the regulars here to check out the beta version of the responsive design, so you can also feel free to volunteer for that. As I say, such testing will be very limited, so please don't be upset if you are not part of this eventual "closed beta" when the time comes. I cannot thank Frans and Kxmode enough for all the effort they are putting into this. And I cannot thank all of you enough for all the support over all these years. Happy birthday to us!

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