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Cooking Simulator Getting Food Network DLC

Big Cheese Studio announces that new Cooking with Food Network DLC is coming to Steam this month for Cooking Simulator. This offers the chance to test your simulated culinary talents under the simulated lights of a television broadcast. Here's more on your chance to see if you will be an Iron Chef, the next Food Network Star, or just Chopped:
In October, Big Cheese Studio is going to release the 1st DLC for Cooking Simulator Cooking with Food Network. The update is going to introduce a new game mode and allow the players to prepare fresh dishes inspired by various Food Network TV shows. New culinary challenges will take place in a brand-new kitchen setup a professional TV studio.

Cooking Simulator released on June 6th this year is a game combining lifelike cooking experience with realistic physics spiced up with a dash of humor. Including so-far released 3 free content updates, it allows players to prepare over 80 dishes using more than 140 ingredients. Cooking with Food Network is going to add 16 more products and 30 recipes inspired by TV shows like The Kitchen or Barefoot Contessa. In the new contest mode, unlike in other modes, the meals will be prepared only one at a time. The players will have the chance to personalize the challenge by selecting its duration, the pool of recipes and additional tasks. The goal is to reach the highest score possible by serving as many well-made meals as possible following set rules. The setting for showing off culinary skills is also going to change. The ordinary kitchen will turn into a TV studio with cameras, lights, sound effects and viewers!