GOG.com Turns XI, Releases XIII

GOG.com announces that this weekend they will be celebrating the 11th anniversary of the launch of this marketplace dedicated to good old games (and some good new ones as well) in DRM-free form. They celebrate the occasion with a release of few games with launch discounts. These are The Technomancer & Mars: War Logs, DUSK, Chasm, and the re-release of XIII, the cel shaded shooter which is getting a remake in MMXX. Here's all the news:
This weekend, we're celebrating the 11th anniversary of GOG.COM's launch. We've been preserving classic games for over a decade now, hand-picking unique modern indies, and sharing all of them DRM-free. Time flies, right?

There's no better way to celebrate this round-plus-one anniversary than with even more games! That's why, together with Anuman Interactive, we're bringing back the classic version of XIII! This unique shooter from 2003 will make you feel like you’re playing a living comic-book, as you chase a gang of conspirators that framed you for murdering the President of the United States. With David Duchovny as the voice of your protagonist, this is a game you simply cannot ignore.

That's not all, as more highly requested games join our DRM-free catalog today! Battle through an onslaught of monsters in DUSK (-25%) with its retro visuals, powerful guns, cross-play multiplayer, and the exclusive THE GOGATORIUM map for the endless mode. Platforming more your style? Explore a fantasy world and crawl through dungeons in procedurally-generated adventure platformer Chasm (-35%). Finally, take a trip to Mars to master your skills and discover the secrets of the Red Planet in two exciting RPG titles - Mars: War Logs (-75%) and The Technomancer (-65%).

We also asked the GOG.COM team what they've been playing recently and picked their brains to learn more about their favorite titles on the platform. Why? To bring back the classic tradition of GOG.COM Staff Picks and provide gamers with great deals on some of our most outstanding and memorable titles. Grab The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition (-70%), Pathfinder: Kingmaker (-50%), Kingdom Come: Deliverance (-50%), Dead Cells (-33%), Stardew Valley (-25%), Hollow Knight (-40%), Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete (-75%), Gothic (-75%), Dungeon Keeper 2 (-75%), Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (-66%), The Mystery of the Druids (-75%), and many more up to -80%, all hand-picked by our staff!

Discounts for new releases are valid until October 10th, 1 PM UTC and the GOG.COM Staff Picks deals are available until October 7th, 1 PM UTC.