Epic Games Store September Update Plans

Epic Games offers a September Feature Update for the Epic Games Store outlining the next steps for the Epic Games Store. These include new library view options, improved patch sizes, the addition of playtime tracking, support for bundles, and more. They also look beyond these immediate plans to outline other upcoming features such as a new storefront, an in-game overlay, and more. Here's more on that:
NEW Storefront
A new store and browsing experience, including curated collections. You'll be able to see what games are trending, filter by genre, and more, so that you can find games you'll love faster and easier than before.

Epic Games Overlay - Checkout
We're creating an in-game overlay. It'll be a while before it's fully realized but our thoughts here are centered around giving you ways to interact with your Epic Games store (e.g. library, social, etc.) while in-game.