Control Exclusivity Cost Epic $10M+?

Market Analyst Daniel Ahmad tweets about an Italian Financial Statement that seems to show just how much cash Epic Games had to fork over to make Control an Epic Games Store exclusive (thanks PCGamesN). He says this shows a payment to the parent company of 505 Games for €9.49 million ($10.5M USD). A response tweet from Danilo helps confirm the conclusion with some further translation: "It is explicitly stated in the report that the earnings from Control are derived from the digital marketplace that requested exclusivity for its distribution." Here are Ahmad's two tweets on the topic:
Digital Bros, parent company of 505 Games, has disclosed that they received a payment of 9.49 million euro from Epic Games for Control.

Which I would imagine is for exclusivity.

55% of that payment going to 505 Games.

Report here:
Yep. The payment from Epic was 100% for Control and was for the exclusivity deal. There was no payment from Sony or Microsoft.

Unclear if there were any other strings attached to the payment, other than exclusivity ofc.