Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Improvements

The Ghost Recon Website discusses improvements being made for the open beta testing of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint that begins on September 26th (thanks Dark). They detail the changes being made following the closed beta for the tactical shooter and include some before-and-after gifs showing them off in action. They conclude with a section covering a couple of PC-specific changes and some improvements planned for after the game's launch:

  • The options for textures on PC now has better resolution.
  • Better options offered to let players choose between visual quality vs. frame rate.

We will be adding continuous improvements to the game at launch, which will include:

  • Weapon audio improvements.
  • Debug of vehicle entry interaction.
  • Better camera consistency with the main character.
  • Improved audio cues when concealed, hit, injured, etc.
  • Improved audio on vehicles.
  • Slower vehicles (like SUVs) speed increased.