Pixel Game Maker MV Released

Pixel Game Maker MV is now out of Early Access and is officially released on Steam, offering a Windows program that allows users with no programming knowledge to create their own pixel art games. Word is: "Debuting with the 1.0 release are two new sample games including archaeological metroidvania La-Mulana 2 remade in Pixel Game Maker MV, bringing the total number of sample games to 20." This previously released trailer offers a look at how this works. Here's more on this sister program to RPG Maker:
Create a variety of 2D games including side-scrolling beat ‘em ups, pixelated metroidvanias, top-down survival horror adventures, puzzle platformers and much more. With Pixel Game Maker MV, imagination is the only limit.

Bring side-scrolling or top-down dreams to life with a built-in physics engine, local multiplayer support for up to four players and support for extending the engine with add-ons built in JavaScript, among other features. The 20 example games come with premade sci-fi and fantasy assets developers can use to jump right into prototyping or in their own commercial releases.