Privacy Announced

Codalyn (Stable Orbit) announces Privacy, a new single-player narrative adventure coming to Windows and macOS next year through Steam. Set in a Dutch countryside villa, this game is being designed by Dutch developer Jim Offerman, whose resume includes Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Tomb Raider, and Thief. Here's a Video Developer Diary #1 from a few months ago and an even older Teaser Trailer to show we're a little behind the curve, and here are the details:
In the summer of 2079, you’ll be sent to the home of Robert-Paul den Heer, the billionaire CEO of DENHEER, Inc. who has recently died in a car crash. The task is ostensibly simple: secure Mr. Den Heer’s undisclosed research for the company. When you enter the house, however, they soon discover that Robert-Paul was a very complicated man. In the quest to uncover Mr. Den Heer’s secrets, you are assisted by Hubert, a series 5 house A.I. Hubert is voiced with an unsettling calm by Anthony Ingruber (Batman: The Telltale Series, LEGO DC Super-Villains).

“With Privacy, you will experience a future where ‘the walls’, in the form of Hubert, can truly listen and respond to everything they do,” said game creator Jim Offerman. “The game is designed to fully immerse you into the experience and will allow you to interact with every object in the house.”

A full list of features include:

  • A Rich Story - Explore a richly detailed modernist villa, fully realized in stunning 4K graphics. Interact with Hubert and pull open every door and drawer to uncover the story of a driven entrepreneur-inventor and the events that shaped him and his family.
  • A Vision of the Future - Experience a vision of the future where artificial intelligence and augmented reality have replaced most electronic devices we use today. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions are all rendered obsolete in the future portrayed in Privacy.
  • A Narrative Experience - Privacy is a narrative-focused game. Unravel the secrets of the house and story at your own pace.